My Wrigley Field Trip there.
Hope all is well.

I wanted to let you all know on how my trip to Chicago was.

Several of my friends and I took a trip to chicago to see a Chicago Cubs game.

It would be our first.

Seeing that they are one of the best teams in baseball right now.
We thought it would be cool to see them play.

So four of my friends and I decided to take a trip.

We all met early morning at a local coffee shop.

Took an uber over to the airport.

Our flight was going to leave around 9:00am

Boarding took about an hour with check in. Luckily we didn’t have luggage.

We just had carry ons.

Flight was good.

We used Southwest Airlines.

Our flight landed at Midway Airport.

My wife- being so very nice.

Had booked us a limo to the game and then back to the airport from the game.

She found a really good limo company called Lux Limos Naperville.

They were on time, clean and very professional.

If you’re looking for a great limo service in naperville I suggest you give them a call.

The limo ride was cool.  My wife had them stock the bar with all of our favorite drinks.

Yes- beer!

May I add – on ice!

Traffic was a pain.  Driving down to wrigley field was a long ride.

There is no easy way to get down there.

Needless to say we made great use of the drive.  More beer drinking time.

We arrive to the game. WOW is wrigley field cool.

Boy do all of the people down there party.

It is like mardi gras everyday.  Bar after bar after bar.

The game was awesome.

We were able to see Jake Arrieta pitch.

Bryant hit a home run.

Rizzo had several RBI’s.

It was fun.

The boys and I had a great time.