The Cedar Point Experience

So before I begin.  I have to tell you that Cedar Point is flippin awesome.

It has some of the fastest, tallest and longest roller coasters on the planet.

We drove to Sandusky, Ohio.  Lake Erie. (which has some of the tastiest perch!)

Boring drive but hey it’s the midwest.  What would you expect?

Cedar point amusement park is awesome.  They call it Snoopy’s house.

Mainly because Snoopy is the mascot and is literally everywhere.

Not only do they have a huge amusement park they also have a huge water park attached to it.

You can go swimming in a lazy river all day, go on water slides and then make your way to the park afterwards.

Everything is right there.  Which we love because you do not have to drive everywhere.

We stay at the hotel breakers which is located between the amusement park and the water park.

You park your care or suv unload your stuff and really never have to drive anywhere.  Everything is right there.

The hotel breakers has a really cool japanese steak house located in the lobby of the hotel.

My family absolutely loves this restaurant.

The chefs make loud noise with their knives, chopping vegetables flipping them into your mouths.  Shooting sake into the adults mouths as well.

Sometimes we drink a little too much sake- if you know what I mean.

This has been a great trip.  Great park, cool rides, awesome water slides and very delicious food.

Here are some pis of the park.